What is Automation-Sniper?

Automation-sniper is a library used to generate a performance framework from Open API Specs.

Nowadays API is commonly used in every service. So folk follows Open API specs to define the APIs.

Writing a performance script for each API is a really painful task.

That’s why Automation Sniper came into the picture. You can generate a performance framework from Open API specs.

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How Can Automation Sniper Tool Help You

Swagger Specs

If your team owns swaggers spec of version V2 or V3 then you can generate performance(python+locust) framework using automation-sniper Tool. The process is very simple. You just need the automation-sniper tool setup. Once this is done either you can pass the swagger doc link or swagger JSON/YML file to the tool. The tool will generate the framework for you within a few ms.

Postman Collection

`Inprogress -- In development`


  • Convert swagger specs into locust framework

You can get a performance framework that supports python and locust from your swagger specs. So you don’t need to write any code for your API. Looks Cool Right!!!

  • Support specs deprecation handling in the framework

It supports swagger specs deprecation handling in your framework. Deprecated API will have the deprecated annotation in your framework.

  • Support postman collection to locust framework

It supports the postman collection too. That means you can convert your all postman APIs into a performance framework.

  • Support regeneration of framework if specs are deprecated

Now the best feature you will like surely. It supports the regeneration of the framework. That means if tomorrow your specs change then you just need to upload the old framework and all-new specs will be overwritten into your framework.

** This is the Beauty of No Code Project **

Name & background

Automation-Sniper was born out of frustration. When I was writing a performance script for APIs, it was a really time taking process. Writing the wrapper of each API from the swagger spec is a pathetic task. Also tomorrow any specs change then also maintaining that is again another big task. As you know Automation is everywhere. So here Idea came to automate this pathetic process. Hence No Code Project Automation-Sniper came to the market as a warrior.





Open-source licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (see LICENSE file for details).