Getting started

Once you installed and verified the version of Automation-sniper then the next step is to familiar yourself with some basic commands of the tool.

$ automation-sniper -h


usage: automation-sniper [-h] [--version] -f FRAMEWORK_NAME -p PATH [-r RESULTS_PATH] [-sp SCRIPT_PATH]
                     [-o {get,post,put,patch,delete,head,options,trace} [{get,post,put,patch,delete,head,options,trace} ...]] [-v] [-ba BLACKLIST_API [BLACKLIST_API ...]]
                     [-wa WHITELIST_API [WHITELIST_API ...]]

This tool helps to convert API Specs into automation Framework

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -f FRAMEWORK_NAME, --framework_name FRAMEWORK_NAME
                        Provide the name of the framework
  -p PATH, --path PATH  Provide the path to the swagger file/postman file or provide swagger api-docs url/postman collection url
  -r RESULTS_PATH, --results-path RESULTS_PATH
                        path to store generated automation framework default: result
  -sp SCRIPT_PATH, --script-path SCRIPT_PATH
                        provide script folder path as zip format
  -o {get,post,put,patch,delete,head,options,trace} [{get,post,put,patch,delete,head,options,trace} ...], --operations {get,post,put,patch,delete,head,options,trace} [{get,post,put,pat
ch,delete,head,options,trace} ...]
                        operations to use in API testing
  -v, --verbose         verbose
                        tags to use in api testing
                        tags to use in API testing

And that's how you'd like to use this tool. To know more please read the documentation

Basic Usages

To use automation-sniper you need either the Swagger docs link or swagger JSON.

CLI command to convert a swagger specs into NFR framework.

$ automation-sniper -f "TestFramework" -p ""


2022-03-03 19:33:03,711 - TRANSFORMATION_TOOL_LOG INFO     Got request for framework_name TestFramework and upload_path \result
2022-03-03 19:33:05,483 - TRANSFORMATION_TOOL_LOG INFO     Framework is generated in this path : \result\TestFramework

The framework is created under the result folder.