Regenerate Framework

Why We Need This

  • Once you have generated the framework I think your work is done. But API specs are not static ones. From time to time new API will be added and the old API will be deprecated.

  • In this case, you need to again implement the new API request method inside the framework. It is again time-consuming.

  • To solve this problem you need to regenerate the framework. In this case, you just need to give the old framework path and a new swagger/postman API spec link.

  • Now the tool will find out new API details as well as deprecated API details and write a function for that.

  • You will have your old framework with an all-new API implementation inside the script. So that you don’t need to write code for API implementation.

Procedure For Regeneration

There will be some string Tag Inside all API request scripts i.e.


  • Please don’t delete this Tag. Else You won’t get a new API function.

  • You need to zip your old framework.

  • You need to provide the old framework root folder name as framework name.

$ automation-sniper -f "petstore" -p -sp /result/
  • Once you hit this command you will get your framework with a new API function